Your Personal Guide To Better Hearing

Your Personal Guide To Better Hearing


Your Personal Guide To Better Hearing

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Nurturing our five senses is essential to our health and wellbeing.  One of the most important senses is hearing. Without it, we won't be able to hear our loved ones' voices, enjoy our favourite songs or join in a conversation with friends.  

Our mission is to provide education, information and solutions to empower you and your loved ones on the journey towards hearing better.

Our Mission

Helping you and your family seek effective solutions for hearing loss

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Your Personal Guide to Better Hearing

Hearing Aids are an effective, modern solution for tackling hearing loss.  They can either sit behind the ear or in the ear and are customised by a hearing care professional to suit the individual hearing profile.

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ReSound LiNX Quattro

Raghav Venugopal

Ronnie Singh

Delhi, India

Kolkata, India

Nessa came as a miracle to us. TV or the group
conversations are no longer a problem.

I was worried looking at the troubles faced by my father while watching the television and communicating in groups but Nessa came as a miracle to us. With the specially designed hearing aids, the TV or the group conversations are no longer a problem for him.

Expert audiologists provided us with the best service they could offer.

I had no idea how much life I was missing by ignoring my hearing loss. There's no greater feeling than talking with my grandchildren and not struggling to hear what they are saying. A big thanks to Nessa and their expert audiologists for providing us with the best service they could offer.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

Nirmala Shayanam VS

Kishore Mariwala

Mumbai, India

Chennai, India

I have been extremely happy.

No matter what surrounding I am in, in a crowd, in a meeting, or outdoors, I can focus to any one person I want to listen to. I strongly recommend Nessa India who wants a top class hearing aid.  I have been extremely happy ever since then.

Hearing again is like a moment of rebirth.

We bought hearing aids from Nessa India, which are really comfortable, particularly with customer made earmolds which make it easier to wear on and take off. The sound quality is also wonderful. We are really happy with the experience with Nessa India and their before and after services and would highly recommend them.

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